Lawfirm 2.0 Philosophy

"The methodical and systematic exploration of what we know, how we know it, and why it is important that we know it."

It is my passion. I watch good and bad manifest itself in the business of law. I try to help mitigate what is unjust and applaud what is noble. I have realized there needs to be a new structure and vision to present an alternative to those starting and managing legal service organization.

What is it?

Lawfirm 2.0 is a philosophy, put to the test of practical experience, which expresses a method for the delivery of legal services to the public.

Why is it different?

Lawfirm 2.0 puts the individual attorney’s and the individual client’s needs at the center of the organization, mitigating all other distractions and pressures that divert their attention from the practice of law.

How do you recognize a Lawfirm 2.0 organization?

It is an evolutionary process that plays out in my life and interactions with legal services professionals and consumers. This blog is where I express thoughts and assemble the elements of Lawfirm 2.0

• It’s a true corporate structure
• Ownership is vested with stock and class of stock
• Ownership is an option not a mandate or goal
• Has an independent advisory board
• Vision and Goals must be restated and agreed to often
• Equity is manifestly more desirable to finance growth
• Provides a safety net to practice law free from a “business ownership mandate”
• Values, in action, the individuality of the attorneys lives
• Focuses on constant progress to communicate to clients, attorneys and staff
• Strives to provide a positive duplicate able client experience
• Values the attorney’s ability to practice law over their business abilities
• Professional development in marketing, technology and communication
• The philosophy is “female centric” not male exclusionary
• Strives to implement constant “feedback” systems for both attorney and clients
• Hierarchy is less valued and collaboration is highly valued
• Recognizes "the individual attorney is the product"

To be continued