Law Firm University

This blog, and to me any blog, is really an outlet to engage and meet creative people over a topic for which you have a passion. I say passion and not interest because a blog is work. Far more work then can be sustained by a passing interest or the hope of money. Not the least because in your blog you put your thoughts right out there on Main Street so you have to be prepared to be “engaged” on many levels. Human nature being what it is not everyone is going to engage you from a place of respect or with academic detachment. Your readers are going to bring some passion of their own to the blog. They deserve a response and again it is work.

Blogs are not something you do to make money. Very few bloggers have managed to monetize their blogs. I consider myself very lucky that I have attracted a sponsor. The cost of this blog to me is time and honestly it is a lot of time. But as I said I have a passion for the topic of law firms so it is worth it to me.

The commoditizing of legal services in a client driven market is a huge shift which the business of law faces. I feel strongly that creative minds and connecting people can help. I hope my blog evolves into a place where innovative, engaged professionals exchange straight talk, solutions and old fashioned helping hands.

In marketing terms my elevator speech would be, “The goal of this blog is to discuss any issues that form under the topic of “the business and practice of law” in a client driven commoditized legal services market. Administrators, lawyers, business people are all welcome to contribute and exchange “explanations” and “experiences” in dealing with this new reality.” Ding… first floor… all out ;-)

Our community has a tradition of mentoring each other. This blog is a natural extension of this tradition.