Author -- Jack Casey

“May you live in interesting times”, some say that statement is a curse but I think it’s a blessing. I have enjoyed living in interesting times. I entered the work force just before the dawn of the commercial internet and in the birth place of the “technology revolution”, Silicon Valley. At the time, I remember being confronted (upon graduation from Texas Wesleyan University) with an economic recession and few jobs to be had. So I followed the path of least resistance and decided that the family business was not as bad as I had rail against for years; the law. But reality was reality. In my family if you wanted an education you paid for it yourself and Wesleyan was not cheap so I needed to defer those loans and make some coin. With little debate I was off to night law school and a law firm job during the day in the family firm. IBM Selectric II was the hi-tech piece of business equipment to covet and the fax machine was still in curly paper hell. But for those lucky few in accounting they could enjoy a dummy terminal linked to those early “main frames”.

Four years passed and I enjoyed both the education from work and the education from law school. My JD is hanging on the wall, but in the midst of it all I realized that I enjoyed the business of law better then the practice of it, no surprise. Moot court did nothing for me but building an office building to house the growing firm was pure joy. In those years and for years before as summer help I worked as a “Jack of all trades”. I cut my teeth on all the back room operations that make a law firm tick. From watering the plants, running mail, faxes (once invented), court runs, receptions, supplies, bates stamping, and on and on. I earned progressive job titles on the legal ladder on both the administrative and time keeper side of the ledger. All steps in an un-thought-out “plan” which just happened to take place during “interesting times.”

The years never stop falling away and the opportunities they bring never seem to abate. Several law firm changes and many “interesting times” have come and gone. This blog is the next chapter in my journey and my passion for the legal community, with its lawyers, its administrators and the companies that support us.