Bitter Sweet

It has been a month since my last post. Time seems to be on the run of late. I have been traveling a lot, mostly in Europe, where access to the internet is not always as ubiquitous as here in the US. I am home now and I have looked through all my email. It amazes me just how much email we get that we don’t want and how little of what we hope to see in our box is there. The modern world with all its technology is in the end powered by the same source as was the quill and the carrier pigeon, us. Humans have not changed much. Fresh from walking among the great achievements of the past centuries put in perspective the motivations for greatness, goodness and of course evil and harm are equally alive in us no matter what the “form” or “shape” the modern times cloak them in.

One email I received was from a person who I worked closely with years ago. Our communication consists of a few emails now and again and dinner when I am in her town, once or twice a year. I’d like to share the email:

Jack, Working for you was a golden time in my professional career and I miss it but there are days when I miss it acutely. Today is one of those days. I offered to make reservations for Attorney1 to take his secretary, Staff1, to lunch. Attorney 1 was so thrilled that someone else had remembered Administrative Assistants Day and that they were going to take care of the details, that he invited me to go with him and Staff1. In my mind, this is the equivalent of a man not getting "the" girl but taking the next one that walks by back to his place - sloppy seconds - but I was gracious and thanked him for inviting me. I made the reservation and informed Attorney 1 and Staff 1 of the restaurant, its location and the time of our reservation. Today Attorney 1 came and told me that he had to go see a client but that he had asked Attorney 2 to fill in for him and that he had included a patent agent as a fourth in our party and that "we'll do something next week." It was a strain, but I was again gracious and told him it was no problem. Then, not more than an hour later, Staff 1 tells everyone that he is not feeling well and asks if we can reschedule for another time. Again, I said no problem and cancelled the reservation. Today I felt very unappreciated and as though I was everyone's lackey. You never made a big deal out of special occasions like Administrative Assistants Day, but I always felt appreciated and I wanted to let you know that it made all the difference. Hugs,
Reading the email was bitter sweet for obvious reasons. There are so many errors of “care” that I cringe at the thought that people can be so “careless” with each other. It stuck me that in the past people left castles, cathedrals and other works of their achievements. These tell the story of the men and woman who died and what they stood for, good and bad. What are we in this time going to leave behind? Is it important to leave anything behind anymore? Maybe it will be blogs like this one? Tomb stones to the good the bad and the bitter sweet.
Written By:Marge Snyder On May 7, 2016 12:11 AM

Nice article and important reflections.