Solo Attorney Burn Out -- The Why?

Congratulations you have created a “Job”… would you like fries with that?

If you were brave enough to hang your shingle and go it solo, then you have to constantly remind yourself that you are building a business for selling legal services. From time to time you have to take stock and make sure you are really creating a business and not creating a job. Those of you who have “in reality” created a business know you are rare. Most often the solo attorney has created a “job” in sheep’s clothing. Here is a good reality check to test if you have created a job or a business.

• Can the business operate as well with you as without you?
• Can you duplicate it again and again?

If you answered no to either, you created a job dressed up to look like a business. You are stuck in the worst of both worlds. You have all the responsibilities of a business and none of the benefits of a job. There is good news. You can turn it around and create a true business. You don’t have to bail out of your dream to be in business. You have a choice. But until you make the “conscious” choice you will be stuck in that job you created, without a net.

Law is a business – it’s time to get comfortable with that and structure it as a business. That means get business advice not just practice advice. Stop asking other lawyers and start asking the manager at your local McDonalds why Ray Kroc never flipped a burger.

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