Friends have a way of being able to give us a kick in the butt to help us get back on track. It is why they are called friends. Friends, on the deepest levels of the word, are people you can talk to without the pressure of “expectations”. Also friends have a way of reminding us of things in ourselves that we sometime lose sight of. I heard a great quote, not sure where it originated, “Friends are God’s way of helping us.” For me, and I suspect many others, the “expectations” placed upon us by others can cause us to lose sight of our own path.

Business and the people you conduct your business with have “expectations” that over time can drift away from the noble path you started out upon. In some cases, this is a natural evolution of one’s goals because of “active thought” and incorporation of experiences. However, and this is far too often, we drift off “our noble path” through trying to meet others’ expectations. We forget to “actively” focus on the “pure thoughts of our own goals” in favor of the diluted goals of competing interests.

I am reminded of the old story of the person who drops their keys in a dark parking lot and decides to look for them in the street because the light is better over there. How can we achieve what is in us to achieve, when we are not looking for the keys where we lost them but over where there is artificial light?

So many business and quality of life issues can dramatically be helped by “actively remembering” what your expectations were and then “actively reconnecting” to the roots in yourself that first put those expectations in your heart and mind. There are many red flags when you are on a path that is not in harmony with your noble self. The most deadly to business and human lives is the manifestation of “ego” that overwhelms your innate nobility.

Engage a friend in a real conversation about the path you find yourself upon. Be open to hear the challenges they bring forth and answer them not with your ego but from your noble self. Be open to hear it because a friend has no expectation from you other than, perhaps, for you to be better tomorrow then you are today.