Ego and Hubris

Touchstone, Bernays, Johnston, Beall & Smith are losing “half” of their 48 lawyers and the Managing partner states that “…it came as a shock to him.”

How does that happen? Does anyone really think it was a shock? Honestly I have seen it too many times to believe that it was. This article is a quick “snapshot” of what happens when there is a break-down of communication, vision, goal setting, and expectations.

The rationale: “…adding that given their ages, which range from 35 and 46, they decided now was the time to make the break…”

The justification: “…the departing lawyers hope Walters Balido [the new firm] will be more responsive to clients' needs, operate more efficiently and therefore be more financially rewarding for the lawyers who practice at the new firm.”

The football: “…departing Touchstone Bernays partners are taking several large clients with them to Walters Balido but he declines to name them.”

The collateral damage: “…Touchstone Bernays, which has offices in Renaissance Tower in downtown Dallas, may reduce the amount of space it leases because of its reduced headcount. After the lawyers leave for Walters Balido, Touchstone Bernays will have 24 attorneys, he says.” [ no mention of the staff at all ]

Human cost: “…given how many years the lawyers at Touchstone Bernays have practiced together in a collegial manner, "there will be pain on both sides" because of the departures.”

The defense: “Balido, Crain, Ewing, Parks, Bradley and Payne did not return telephone calls seeking comment before press time. Walters refers questions to Ave.”

The truth: I have no idea what the particulars are and frankly they don’t matter. You don’t need to know the blow by blow to know that this is the result of ego and hubris.