First Meeting Feedback- Lawfirm 2.0

I believe we should be long past having to convince each other that client feedback is a good thing. Unfortunately, I still get pushback on this issue. I understand being judged is not a fun experience but it does not have to be painful and it can be rewarding.

I found a “Project” conducted by Professor Clark D. Cunningham of Georgia State University, College of Law. Although the project is getting on in years, the points made and the processes it suggests still are useful and valid. The project addressed most of the common negative reactions to client feedback. Comments such as: low response rates, very happy or very unhappy clients are most likely to respond, responses are skewed by outcome, clients are not qualified to assess lawyer effectiveness, etc. Some of these comments are rooted in “urban myth” and others are valid, to a point.

The project highlights the need for feedback forms as part of the very first meeting, one feedback form for the “Client” and one for the “Attorney”.

This one simple effort, on the attorney’s part, can really improve the client's experience and how the client perceives the legal profession. It can also educate the attorneys as to how they are perceived. By collecting initial meeting feedback you can get a 100% response rate, results are not skewed by outcome, feedback can be used to improve representation of that client, and it tells the clients that the attorney cares about how the client experiences the first meeting.

The forms should be part of the review process with your “advisory board”.