Throughts from Anthony Colleluori

There are many blogs out there; we all have our “regular reads”. One of mine is Anthony Colleluori’s “that lawyer dude”. Yesterday he posted about the death of a friend, Bill Bryson, a criminal law attorney, by his own hand. Please go read it. Every once in a while, even for a blogger, there are no more words to add.

Here is an excerpt:

NACDL meetings were a great way to get rid of it. You could be the person you needed to be, because the others there understood it. They got it. They lived it too. There aren't many who understand. I am not sure we do either. But we can sympathize without pity, we live it. At least we "get it." I always come back renewed after an NACDL meeting because of that fevered pitch we bring ourselves to by seeing our colleagues, sharing our stories, enjoying some downtime.

I think Bill could have used a NACDL meeting this week. Unfortunately the next one is a month away.

I am older and wiser now. I am sitting at my desk and I am still working, but in part that is about the need to mourn an old friend. In part it is also to not let his death be in vain, but to serve as a warning to the Novices and experienced alike that what we do should never become who we are. That our duty to our clients ends at the beginning of our duty to our families and our God. That we can offer those whom we fight for, only ourselves, and if we allow ourselves to become nothing, then what can we offer those that need us?
Written By: Ben On January 13, 2016 01:09 PM

Wow. Powerful message.