Thoughts On An Active Internet Strategy

If you are reading blogs you either have your toe in the internet waters or you are in full scuba gear. I put myself in the middle somewhere. I have a background in creating web based software to aggregate information from independent data bases into a single source user interface. I was drawn into it by necessity, as most people are to the internet.

Traditional “brochure” websites are evolving into more interactive sites and the distinction between website and blog is fading fast. The two pillars of the internet, “community” and “knowledge” are weaving together, finally, to fulfill their promise. What does all this mean to us today and tomorrow? Even the most proficient Futurists are only guessing. I will only add some practical tips on things as they now are.

• Create or review your internet strategy.
• Keep a sharp eye on opportunities which combine “community” and “knowledge”
• Learn how to or hire someone to optimize your efforts for maximum search engine visibility.
• Integrate mobility into your information workflow.
• Take all security measures seriously.

If your “active” internet strategy is just getting started you are still ahead of most so don’t hesitate or hide. Like anything else it’s an evolutionary process. It starts with your vision and as so many things; it will take on a life of its own. In many ways it will shape you as much as you will shape it.

As you consider an “active internet strategy” try to recognize the global nature of the internet but put all your focus on your local geographical area. Perspective clients will use search engines such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc. to locate legal services. The “key words” they type in will yield the results they achieve. If the prospective client is in Brooklyn NY and you have a family law practice in Brooklyn NY how will the search engine connect you?

If the prospective client types into Google “family law attorney” they will quickly learn they need to narrow their search because their search returned family attorneys from all over the world. If they type into Google “family law attorney Brooklyn NY” or “family law attorney Kings County” or “Divorce lawyer NY” you want to be high on the list returned by Google for the prospective client’s consideration. “Geographical specific” key words are your best chance. Your web presence must contain these words for that to occur.

Way back in the early days of the commercial internet a very large oil company put up a web site which was very impressive for its day. They spent tens of thousands of dollars to do it. One problem was that the company name never appeared in “text” form. Each time it appeared it was in a fancy “graphic” (a picture) so no indexing on the name could be achieved. The search engines could not returned the company in any search results when you searched by the company’s own name. Oops. Key words and to take it one step further, “geographical specific” key words are critically important.