Lawfirm 2.0 -- A Reproducible Positive Client Experience

I really believe most lawyers like being lawyers. I talk to attorneys all day and often I can hear and see the passion in their eyes and excitement in their voice. I’d bet the farm that many out there love it so much they can’t see themselves retired. A blessing of being a lawyer is that you are your own product. No matter where your life takes you, there you are with your knowledge at the ready. You have options to work solo or in groups for a common ideal. For some that I talk with, the motivation is external: protecting children, social justice or human rights. Others talk about internal motivations: their family, paying it forward, sometimes independence. Whatever the motivational reason, I have yet to see or learn of a person practicing law with a negative intent. We all read, hear about and experience some attorneys who get lost along the way and cause a negative result, but even the worst of that falls short of being able to say they intended to become a lawyer to cause harm. The negative perception of the attorneys in the marketplace must have its roots somewhere else. The evolution of the legal market out of the current perception by the public at large must be founded in a “reproducible positive client experience”. I don’t see myself as naïve and I don’t look for a revolutionary shift but I am idealistic. I am looking to engage creative minds and passionate hearts to build the system model of Lawfirm 2.0.