Marketing is the “Business Strategy of Listening”

Marketing is a lot about listening….

Marketing is a misunderstood component of a good business plan. Offering legal services is not enough. You have to “create customers” through education and accessibility. For example, research conducted by in 2015 shows that 55% of US adults don’t have a Will. If you are a in the business of selling Estate Planning services you clearly have a marketing opportunity to maximize your potential client base by educating the public and providing a pleasant and rewarding experience for the client in the process.

Providing a duplicate able and positive experience is critical to distinguishing your business and your service from the crowd of legal service providers who still think it’s a sellers market.

Tom Kane’s blog is an excellent source of sage advice. His years of experience shine through in his no nonsense approach to explaining the do’s and don’t of marketing your service.

Will Hornsby has just launched an excellent blog where he has begun to talk about marketing and legal ethics. It’s a must read to keep abreast of the ethical challenges of marketing legal services.