Law Firm Waste

“So you believe your own eyes… prove it”…

A classic (and very true) story to illustrate this point occurred in a very large and much respected international law firm. This firm took great pride in its offices and spared no expense to make sure no detail was left to chance. They hired a window cleaner to come into the office every night and clean the glass table tops and glass divider walls in their conference rooms, of which I recall there were around 30 big and small. It was a flat rate deal paid every month. The glass was cleaned at night and the attorneys and staff used the rooms every day. For 5 years, the glass was clean and the vendor’s check went out. The thing of it was that only after a fluke the security data was matched with the vendor list and the window washer had not used the security badge in 4 years. But how could that be? The glass was clean and never a complaint. The Office Manager stayed late to talk with the vendor, fearing they were getting past the security system, but noticed the building janitors cleaning the glass as part of their duties. The Office Manager asked “have you ever seen our window cleaner cleaning the glass?” “No” was the response, “we take great pride in our work and our building, we make sure it is spotless”.

Four years and $3500 a month went by before the impression and the reality were reconciled.

You can not innovate without understanding “reality”. There is often a disconnection between your impression of what is happening and what IS happening.

So let me ask you something…. “Are your clients happy with you?” or “do you think they are happy because you have not heard they are unhappy?”