The Business of Law and Your Internet Reality

If you are not serious about your internet presence you are not serious about communication to your clients…

Here are some of the highlights:

Since the 1994 debut of the first commercial web browser, the number of Americans connected to the internet has increased from practically zero to 60% by 2004.

Total Time: The average Internet user spends approximately 3 hours per day online (176 minutes); this exceeds the time the average respondent spent watching TV, which is about 1.7 hours a day.

Communications vs. Browsing: 57% of online time is spent on email and other communications, including IM and Chat rooms. The remaining 43% of online time is spent browsing web pages; news groups, maintaining websites and social networking.

People between 18 and 29 seem to favor interactive forms of online communication: They use email less then older people, but they use instant messaging and chat rooms more.

The survey was conducted by Stanford University. Its food for thought and innovation; these young internet users are your clients of the next year.